Announcing Lexsine, a new trance project from Alex Matheu. Now on Sector 9 Studios. Alex incorporates many elements in his music. Lexsine is a vision of pure trance. Exploring different elements of the genre, and using sounds in new and interesting ways. Progressive, Psy and Classic trance form a sonic trinity. Punchy kicks, growling basses, intricate rhythms are the basis for the sound of Lexsine. Comments have been made that Alex has a signature sound, a style that is instantly recognizable, Lexsine carries this forward without sounding too similar to the other Matheu projects. Come explore the trance inducing hypnotic tracks from the creator of Negative Format, on Sector 9 Studios.

Look for the new single Ecos at s9sonline.com. Ecos are the sounds that shape time, the rumblings of existence. Combining elements from the future, and elements from the past, Ecos pulsates with searing percussion, electric acid, and acoustic breaks. A trance piece that demands the listeners attention. Over 8 minutes of pristine trance from Alex Matheu, with a signature sound, a new project is born.